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What We Do

Laurissa Jane Music provides piano, voice, and guitar lessons to ambitious students ages 5 and up in Queens, Brooklyn, Long Island. We also service the area of Washington DC. Students must have keyboard or guitar instruments at their home to practice on. 
Piano Students will learn the rudiments of music including sight reading, ear training, and rhythmic notation. Piano is one of few instruments in where multiple notes are played at the same time, giving the student a chance to incorporate technique quickly. Memorization, proper practice routine, and basic theory skills will be covered.

Voice Students will learn the basics of breathing, correct posture, tone production, diction, and pitch training. The class will offer vocal and physical warm-ups to prevent vocal injury as well as learning to work with an accompanist. Projection, timing and phrasing are key elements in making a song come to life. These lessons help our pupils prepare for school presentations and auditions through vocal coaching, staging instruction, and help in choosing repertoire.

Enrollment Process

Interested in enrolling? Here are the steps:
Research suggests that music aptitude is developmental during the early years of life. A child’s aptitude can fluctuate until about age nine according to the diversity and richness of musical experiences the child is a part of. After age nine, one cannot expect to achieve in music beyond the limit of one’s music aptitude. It is essential that children receive high-quality guidance and formal instruction in order to culture their potential for musical fulfillment throughout life. Informal music experience prior to age five is particularly important.

Try this simple test. Whistle, sing or hum a pitch and ask them to sing or hum it back. Make a game out of it. While you are listening to see if they are matching the pitch you have given them, try changing a note or two deliberately to be off pitch. Do they react? If you then revert back to the correct pitches, do they seem to notice?

Do you have a child or children who would benefit from tailored instruction? Interested in nurturing a budding talent into a robust, well-rounded skill? Contact us for a free consultation and let our experts prepare a tailored plan of development.

If it is decided at your consultation that your child or children would most benefit from personal LJMS instruction, you will be guided through the enrollment process. This includes filling out our registration form and the initial registration fee of $50.00. Once enrolled, lesson pricing and availability vary by location as follows:


 We offer private lessons on location as well as In-Home:

  • Registration is $50.00
  • $140/mo for private lessons
  • 10% discount for siblings
  • Group Lessons$25.00 and a10% discount for siblings.


 We offer In-Home lessons only

  • Registration is $50.00
  • $160.00/mo for private lessons
  • 10% discount for siblings
Once enrolled, a detailed assessment of your child /children’s musical aptitude will be measured, and a tailored coaching plan will be constructed by your instructor to highlight and nurture inherent gifts as well as train, develop and enrich any other areas. Many times homework designed to strengthen core basics will be assigned for students in order to fuel them during off-hours, with a follow up at their next session!

Official reports documenting your child/children’ s development and progress will be sent out periodically to give you a tangible, hands-on report keeping you informed on the development of your budding musician(s) progress. Not only will musicians-in-training work one-on-one with their coach to develop a foundation on which to grow musically,  but will also be encouraged to go beyond the normal expectations, if able,  with the support of positive reinforcement and the building of a lasting relationship between teacher and student.

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